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Halloween EDM Mix 2019 (Updated)

This Halloween EDM mixrefreshed for 2019 — will keep the beats knock-knock-knocking on the dance room floor. Even if you aren’t headed to the club — or other Halloween EDM events in Denver — why not get in the hallow-day spirit? The right Halloween EDM mix will make for one killer night, deadly workout, haunting study-‘sesh’ or a ghostly silent-solo-disco evening at home. After all, the 31st does fall on a weekday this year. Ready for the ultimate Halloween EDM playlist? Grab your ghouls, goblins and growlers and check out these recommendations.

Hand-Selected Halloween EDM Mix

Keep the monsters prowling, party-goers jumping, and the bass bumping all night long. Our pack wants you to enjoy yourself this Halloween with some iconic Halloween remixes. But what qualifies as good Halloween music in the contemporary landscape of electro? With so many remixes of classics, it can be easy to over-appreciate the homage to horror music. Our Denver-based EDM agency put together this list of horror tracks for your own personal ‘enter-terror-ment’. Grab your headphones and let’s dive into the dark music abyss:

RL Grime

This fly cat was just in Denver this weekend. It’s no secret that RL Grime is well-known for putting together a Halloween EDM mix every year. Check out some of his most iconic remixes from years past with this Soundcloud playlist:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RLGrime/

Steve Aoki Remix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Yeah, we know. Pop has been clawing its way out of the upside-down and into the glittery, downward-facing-dog realm of electronic music a bit too much for comfort recently. But you can’t have a Halloween party without some iconic tracks, re-mixed into something a bit more terrifying than the original. And after all, Michael and Frankenstein’s monster had more in common than we care to elaborate on. Here’s the track on YouTube:

Dirtyloud ft. Messinian – Vampires Come Out

Looking for some creepy haunted-house tracks? You can’t go wrong with Dirtyloud’s “Vampires Come Out”. Listen to the track here:

Zomboy – “Resurrected”

Even if you’re not a huge dub-step-fanatic, you can still appreciate the occasional double-time track from Zomboy. This track will please all of the walking dead among us. Check out the Halloween EDM track on YouTube:

Dark Minimal Halloween Mix

Are you ready to melt like a witch for some minimal Halloween music? This “Dark Minimal Halloween Mix” by Alex De Pourcq should do you in just right. Listen to the 1 hour Halloween EDM mix here:

This is Halloween – Whiiite Remix (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

If there is one Halloween movie that defines our generation, it’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, thanks to Whiite, you can get down and dirty to this dope dubstep Halloween EDM remix of the classic song:

Spooky Artists

Before diving into the rest of EDM Den’s unofficial Halloween EDM Mix, it’s worth taking a look at some of the more creepy-sounding EDM artists. These artists are sort of like the Marilyn Mason of electronic — a darker, edgier, spookier side of electronic. While we do hate labels at EDM Den, it’s hard to deny the prevalence of these characteristics in the following artists:


One of our all-time top-favorite artists, Deadmau5, is known for toting his iconic mouse head during his live performances. There will be no shortage of Deadmau5 heads this Halloween season, that’s for sure. Many critics have considered Deadmau5’s music to be a bit edgier and darker than others in the industry. Not sure if you agree? Don’t forget about one of the artist’s most well-known tracks, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”? Check out this Halloween EDM Mix featuring from Tokyo Jets:

Infected Mushroom

For decades, Infected Mushrooms has delivered some sub-genre-defining music. The edgy beats and deep basslines make for one monster of a party. Get down to Infected Mushroom with this playlist:

Halloween Electronic Dance Music – Things that Go Bump in the Night

Now that we’ve showed you our selects for this year’s Halloween EDM mix, we’d love to hear what tracks you’re craving this season. Be sure to sign up to join EDM Den to gain access to exclusive shows, discover industry news, and support local EDM artists. Stay tuned for more news and discussions about the ever-evolving realm of electronic music. Beware of things that go bump in the night or you may just find yourself in a state of trance that would terrify even the likes of Armin van Buuren himself.

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Updated October 22nd 2019
Published October 20th 2018

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